SGG Episode 9:

Re-Educate Healthcare Professionals

One thing that’s gotta give if we’re really going to get to the other side of eating disorder, is the dearth of healthcare professionals who are knowledgeable about EDs. It can be an act of courage for someone with an eating disorder to come forward for help — but finding it can be incredibly challenging. There are very few ED specialists in our healthcare system and very little training in EDs for doctors and other practitioners. Their lack of knowledge and sensitivity can alienate sufferers, leaving them feeling hopelessly misunderstood. The widespread myth that one can diagnose an eating disorder (or it’s severity) based on how a person looks, leaves many sufferers believing they’re just “not sick enough” to get the treatment and support they need — driving them deeper into their mental illness. The notion that they aren’t capable of knowing what support they need very often leaves them out of the treatment conversation altogether. ED sufferers not only need to find their voice and share their reality, they need to be heard.

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