SGG Episode 8:

Make Sense of Food

We live in a world of complex and confusing messages about food. That the multi-billion dollar diet industry has made food and weight-loss a societal obsession has much less to do with our wellbeing than it does with generating profit. Food marketers demonize some foods over others, with the culprits shifting over time in ways that leave us baffled. What we eat is less about nourishing our bodies these days than it is making a statement about who we are. However hard that is to navigate for someone without an eating disorder, it can be deadly for those who develop the disease. For them, negotiating and maintaining a healthy relationship with food is an unimaginably complex day-to-day challenge. If we're ever going to get to the other side of eating disorders, we've gotta start making sense when it comes to food and nourishing our bodies.

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