Whose Campaign is This, Anyway?

Eating disorders touch many lives. There are all kinds of people, from all backgrounds and in virtually all walks of life, who have encountered this disease. Whatever your knowledge or experience or impressions are of eating disorders – be it first hand, through a loved one, as a practitioner, or at a distance – this campaign is yours:

  • Eating disorders sufferers
  • People who are recovered from an eating disorder
  • Parents, partners, siblings, friends, and colleagues of those affected by eating disorders
  • Non-profit and other eating disorder support and advocacy organizations
  • Children and youth who see the signs or experience the risks of eating disorders
  • Adults working with youth – teachers, coaches, and counselors
  • Doctors, clinicians, and other medical professionals 
  • Therapists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals
  • Dieticians and nutritionists
  • Public health administrators, and spokespeople
  • Artists, writers, photographers, dancers
  • Sports enthusiasts, program coordinators, and professional athletes
  • Fitness & healthy living advocates
  • Industry representatives – food, fitness, fashion, media, culture
  • Community-based organizations
  • Faith-based groups
  • Elected representatives – municipal, provincial, federal
  • Researchers


We have big dreams for this campaign, and big dreams don’t come true just be dreaming them. Every donation, however large or small, will help us extend the reach and impact of Something’s Gotta Give, will help us translate the conversation it generates into action. Together, we can make change happen. Together, we really can get to the other side of eating disorders.

Do It Now

Become An SGG Partner:

A community that cares is what will break the back of this disease. We know there are many organizations who care as deeply as we do about this disease — and we’d like to lock arms in this effort. If you would like to be an SGG Community Partner, please contact us at partners@sggcampaign.org and send us your logo so we can post it on our Partners page as a sign of your support.

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Help With Our Documentary:

Just as ignorance, complacency, and inaction were challenged in An Inconvenient Truth, so also will they be the enemy under siege in our Something’s Gotta Give documentary. The film is our way of capturing the outcomes of this campaign in a call for action, of ensuring it isn’t just a campaign.  Reflecting conversational threads, recapping submissions, exploring emerging themes and connections, and featuring interviews with campaign participants — it’s as much yours as ours.

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Behind the scenes, Something’s Gotta Give is a lot of work — and we’d love some help! Whether it’s reviewing submissions, helping with social media, compiling ED facts and backgrounders, sending emails, distributing SGG Pamphlets or Rally Posters, or anything else — please contact us at volunteer@sggcampaign.org.

Spread the Word:

Help us spread the word about this campaign:

Here are our links:

Website: sggcampaign.org
Email: info@sggcampaign.org
Twitter: @Looking_GlassBC
Instagram: @lookingglassbc
Facebook:  facebook.com/lookingglassbc
Hashtag: #SGG

Join Our Rally:

In tandem with Eating Disorder Awareness Week and in partnership with other BC-based ED groups, the Looking Glass Foundation will be hosting a Public Rally in Vancouver:

SGG Public Rally
Saturday, February 6, 2016
1:30 to 4:30pm – Vancouver Public Library.
300 Georgia Street
Downloadable Rally Poster

We’ll be giving voice to those already engaged in the campaign as well as bolstering momentum for raising further awareness – again, not so much about eating disorders, but about how to tear down the very real barriers we face in overcoming this disease.

Check back for programme and registration details. The event is open to all. Admission is “by campaign donation”. (Whatever you can afford. It all helps.)

If you would like to speak, perform, or mount a display at the Vancouver Public Rally OR if you’re interested in hosting an SGG Rally elsewhere, please contact us at rally@sggcampaign.org.