The Documentary: Something’s Gotta Give

Just as ignorance, complacency, and inaction were challenged in An Inconvenient Truth, so also will they be the enemy under siege in our Something’s Gotta Give documentary.

The film, as with the campaign as a whole, isn’t about laying blame. Rather, it’s about calling people up to act, separately and together, as communities within a community, to really get to the other side of eating disorders: whatever it takes, wherever it has to happen, now, finally.

Drawn from SGG submissions, digital media conversations, and our Public Rally, this feature length documentary will reflect and collate multiple themes for action. Scheduled for release in December 2016, it will include insightful interviews, in-depth commentary, and provocative facts.

Check back soon to see our official Documentary Trailer.

If you would like to be interviewed, provide background information, or otherwise help with the staging of the SGG film, please contact us at