Join Our Conversation

We know there is more than one answer to our campaign question. The complexity of eating disorders doesn’t scare us. We want to hear them all.

The intent of this campaign is to highlight the many different lenses through which we see (and can tackle) this disease. All of us will benefit from understanding eating disorders more holistically than we sometimes do. Moreover, by seeing the connections between these seemingly different points of view, we will be better able to “lock arms” against the disease — and really get to the other side.

Based on what we know and hear throughout this campaign, we will be sorting the submissions we receive into loosely themed groupings. These will likely change as the campaign progresses. Our goal throughout will be to reflect back, as fairly as we can, the gist of what we’re hearing.

Widespread Social Dialogue

I think one thing we can do is start looking at the conversations that never take place around eating disorders. Sometimes we don’t talk about eating disorders because they are surrounded in thick clouds of stigma, or they’re dismissed…


Belief in Ourselves

One thing that’s gotta give is the belief that conquering the eating disorder is out of our own personal control. I believe God gives us the power through his Holy Spirit, but we, in recovery, have a major part to play too…


Stop Comparing

One thing that’s gotta give is we must take our eyes off ourselves and other people. We must stop comparing ourselves to others and keep our eyes focused on Jesus…


Mind, Body, Spirit

One thing that’s gotta give is the lack of recognition that our mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected to compose our soul. If one part of our soul suffers, the other parts of our soul suffer…


Finding Peace

One thing that’s gotta give is that abandonment to God must be accompanied by contentment in our lives, for abandonment without contentment won’t last. There’s a lack of trust, a need for control…


Our Perspective

One thing that’s got to give is… our perspective. More important than what we look at is the way in which we look at it. It’s important to look at our body with compassion and with gratitude…


Break the Silence

One thing that’s gotta give is the breaking the silence around eating disorders. Having an eating disorder is a very personal matter and those suffering are often afraid to share their battle with this disease for fear of judgment…


Eliminate ED Stigma and Myth

One thing that’s gotta give is: Eliminating the stigma and myth surrounding eating disorders. Those who are suffering from eating disorders and their families face shame, guilt and fear…


Systemic Barriers to Recovery

The strategies we offer to those in recovery so often rely on shoring up the self, without attending to shifts in our broader society that would enable people in diverse bodies to live their lives with minimal distress…