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We know there is more than one answer to our campaign question. The complexity of eating disorders doesn’t scare us. We want to hear them all.

The intent of this campaign is to highlight the many different lenses through which we see (and can tackle) this disease. All of us will benefit from understanding eating disorders more holistically than we sometimes do. Moreover, by seeing the connections between these seemingly different points of view, we will be better able to “lock arms” against the disease — and really get to the other side.

Based on what we know and hear throughout this campaign, we will be sorting the submissions we receive into loosely themed groupings. These will likely change as the campaign progresses. Our goal throughout will be to reflect back, as fairly as we can, the gist of what we’re hearing.

Systemic Barriers to Recovery

The strategies we offer to those in recovery so often rely on shoring up the self, without attending to shifts in our broader society that would enable people in diverse bodies to live their lives with minimal distress…


Weight Stigma

If we’re really going to get to the other side of eating disorders, we need to start addressing weight stigma in a general sense and in the eating disorders recovery community. Weight bias is known to be a major contributor to eating disorders…


Our Body Obsessed Culture

“…Ultimately, this body obsessed culture is the basis on which eating disorders arise, and what must give in order for things to change. As a direct result of this collective obsession, fundamental factors of our mental well-being, such as body positivity and self-love, have become completely buried…”


Strengthen the Voices of Women

What has got to give in order to get to the other side of eating disorders is that we have to strengthen the voices of women that stand up to the culture of objectification. The turning point for me in my recovery was when I realized…


Cultural Denial

Denial’s got to give. Denial that Vogue, Vanity Fair, Cosmo and main stream celebrity/fashion media isn’t hurting our young women and men.


We Need a Cultural Overhaul

“…The common refrain is that we need to reel in the media, but this is not good enough anymore. Such an argument is akin to thinking that switching to cloth bags will stop global warming. We are far beyond that now…”