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We know there is more than one answer to our campaign question. The complexity of eating disorders doesn’t scare us. We want to hear them all.

The intent of this campaign is to highlight the many different lenses through which we see (and can tackle) this disease. All of us will benefit from understanding eating disorders more holistically than we sometimes do. Moreover, by seeing the connections between these seemingly different points of view, we will be better able to “lock arms” against the disease — and really get to the other side.

Based on what we know and hear throughout this campaign, we will be sorting the submissions we receive into loosely themed groupings. These will likely change as the campaign progresses. Our goal throughout will be to reflect back, as fairly as we can, the gist of what we’re hearing.

Access to Timely, Appropriate Treatment

Something that’s gotta give is the accessibility of treatment for all who are struggling…Access to timely support, and treatment that fits the need of the individual is critical to getting to the other side of eating disorders…


More Funding for Treatment & Prevention

One thing that’s gotta give is more funding for both treatment and prevention. Eating disorders are a disease and a serious mental illness. Those struggling with an eating disorder cannot recover alone and recovery is specific to each individual….


Break the Silence

One thing that’s gotta give is the breaking the silence around eating disorders. Having an eating disorder is a very personal matter and those suffering are often afraid to share their battle with this disease for fear of judgment…


EDs, Trauma & the Desperate Need for Services

There needs to be not only different levels of treatment available, intensive outpatient or day programs, residential programs, and relapse prevention programs, but also ones that treat co-existing conditions such as trauma based disorders…


Robust ED Research

If we’re really going to fight this disease effectively, we need more current and far-reaching statistical analysis, clinical studies, and innovative action research. So much of the eating disorder research that’s out there is old or overly generalized…


Sense of Urgency

I think our sense of urgency is one of the things that’s gotta give. We don’t have “all the time in the world” to fight this disease, but that seems to be the status quo thinking. Eating disorders are devastating, but they’re also 100% preventable and treatable…


A Culture of Caring

We can get ahead of this illness and stop others from being gripped by it in two ways: as a culture and through the government. I believe that if I had grown up in a home that empowered, encouraged, and facilitated a sense of self-worth that I would not have been vulnerable to the illness. I was not set-up to be resilient to the illness. We need, as a culture in Canada, to take care of each other.


Awareness, Insurance & ED Training

In a very close future I hope no parent ever has to fight for access to treatment, ever has to suffer due to under qualified unknowlegeable professionals, ever has to fight the insurance to provide coverage, ever has to worry about being blamed…