About the Campaign

Something's Gotta Give was launched in late November 2015 and included a 7-month social media campaign, a public rally in Vancouver, and a year-long film project. The point of the campaign was to invite and capture meaningful exchange around the question: If we're really going to get to the other side of eating disorders, something's gotta give ... What is it?

Over a thousand people participated in our SGG campaign -- be it in the submissions they made, the social media messages they posted, the endorsements they gave, or the other expressions of support they offered. Whether they are recovering, recovered, loved ones, or practitioners, all of these people believe that something's gotta give -- and many know what it is.

The SGG short film series is an outcome of this campaign.  The series is a constructive exposé of the true barriers we face in overcoming eating disorders, in really getting to the other side of this disease. The films, like the campaign, are a call for meaningful change, for urgent action.

For a deeper understanding of our intent, check out our blog, If We Don't Make Change Happen, Who Will?

If We Don’t Make Change Happen, Who Will?

With Something’s Gotta Give, we’re trying to do more than raise awareness about the realities of eating disorders; we’re seeking to change up the way we – as individuals, as institutions, as a society – actually go about beating this disease.

If our approach to battling eating disorders thus far were enough, we would have wrestled the disease down by now. Its current trajectory wouldn’t be as scary as it is: quietly escalating, indiscriminate, deadly.

The SGG campaign calls on all of us to organize ourselves differently, urgently, around deliberate strategies to catch up with the pace of this disease. Slow it down. Beat it.

The stimulus for change must begin with us
The first seven months of this campaign was about capturing the opinions and perspectives and experiences of people who already know and care about this disease. After all, who else is going to name and fight for the things that need to change? Think about it:

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