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Here are the many hundreds of submissions we received from people all over Canada in response to our campaign question: If we’re really going to get to the other side of eating disorders, something’s gotta give ... What is it?

The question was the anchor to a 7-month digital campaign, a public rally in Vancouver, and a massive, year-long film project.

Broadly speaking, some fifteen themes emerged from the campaign submissions we received, and these eventually informed the content of our short film series. It's by acting on these various perspectives that we -- as individuals, as institutions, as a society -- might "lock arms" against this disease and really get to the other side.

Let Our Children Be Themselves

One thing that's gotta give is being critical and controlling of our children. Let them develop into their own selves. Be aware of their precious spirt, and do not do anything to break it...


Education, Detection & Prevention

I certainly think more education for parents, teachers and adult mentors would do a world of good to prevent the next generation from being shadowed and haunted by anorexia. Education leads to early detection or even better prevention...


Help Parents Detect EDs Early

I think we need to arm parents with information to help them detect eating disorders earlier. Specifically we need a parent education campaign to persuade them to continue tracking their child's height and weight...


Eliminate ED Stigma and Myth

One thing that's gotta give is: Eliminating the stigma and myth surrounding eating disorders. Those who are suffering from eating disorders and their families face shame, guilt and fear...


Teenage Anxiety

One thing that's gotta give is that society should put less pressure on teenagers than we do. We should let kids be kids and let them do what they like to do, without the worry and anxiety about "measuring up"...


A Parent's Perspective

As a parent of TWO who suffer from an ED, two things that have gotta give are: 1) The public needs more knowledge to increase understanding and empathy about EDs and to realize how serious they are and how difficult they are to treat and manage; and 2)...


Teaching Self Love in School

I made a joke one time about how they don't teach self love in school, but it's so true. I think that having, from an early age, some form of empowerment education in the school system would be so helpful...


Educating for Emotional Integrity

I think we need to become emotionally educated. We are great advocates in believing that our children should be well rounded. Part of being well rounded is introducing a system of education around emotional integrity...


We Need to Confront It

I think we need to confront it. We have to find that voice to actually say "I have an issue, I've got to deal with it." That's a really hard thing to do. It's not like other diseases...