SGG Episode 11:

Re-Think ED Programming

If we're ever really going to get to the other side of eating disorders, something's gotta give in terms of the availability, quality, and cost of ED programming. In addition to early prevention programming in our schools and communities and the availability of better information resources generally, we need to ensure there are enough support and treatment programs for those who suffer. The lack of programming at present is simply untenable. Moreover, for the programs that are available, there are often unacceptable wait times or excessive restrictions. ED program design needs to better respond to the needs of individual sufferers -- wherever they are in their recovery journey. Treatment needs to be delivered with respect and compassion and flexibility and they need to be affordable, here in Canada. Currently, at enormous personal expense, so many have to look outside the country for residential treatment. And while private, individual therapy is on offer, the fees are often prohibitive -- barely offset (if at all) for those fortunate enough to have private healthcare plans.

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