More Funding for Treatment & Prevention

One thing that’s gotta give is more funding for both treatment and prevention. Eating disorders are a disease and a serious mental illness. Those struggling with an eating disorder cannot recover alone and recovery is specific to each individual. Many sufferers need to be hospitalized, need counseling services, nutritionists, specific medical care from a doctor experienced in treating eating disorders and all of these services are costly. There are services available but given the number of people fighting an eating disorder, there is not enough care available. What is available is often limited and not fully covered by a medical plan. Certain programs have age limitations and space limitations. How are we ever going to treat and prevent eating disorders without enough money put into the treatment and care? If we remain at the current level of funding we simply cannot make any progress forward. We need more beds in hospitals dedicated to eating disorder care, more clinics for patients who are in the recovery phases, more accessible counseling and nutrition sessions and more accessibility to education around exercise and other addictions (alcohol and drugs) that can complicate the eating disorder treatment. We need to lobby the government for more money, both in treatment and prevention. Personally, in my battle to recovery I spent well over $70,000. I was lucky to be able to do that after being denied extra health coverage because of my history with an eating disorder. Most sufferers are not that lucky and this is why we need more funding so no one is left untreated for lack of monetary resources.

~ Angela Rinaldis, Project True

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