Break the Silence

One thing that’s gotta give is the breaking the silence around eating disorders. Having an eating disorder is a very personal matter and those suffering are often afraid to share their battle with this disease for fear of judgment. In order to make a difference in this fight, to educate the public about the disease and to gain attention from the government and media we need to put a face to eating disorders and be able to speak freely about all of the complications (physical, mental, emotional), causes, methods of treatment and ways to prevent eating disorders. Eating disorders need to be put on the map and this cannot be done unless we raise our voices about how many people are struggling and what recovery looks like for them. We truly need a spokesperson, someone to come forward and be honest about the experience of going through recovery, of being recovered, of being hospitalized, relapsing and the dark emotional battles. Breaking the silence will start a conversation that needs to happen if we are to see any progress in both the treatment and prevention of this disease.

~ Angela Rinaldis, Project True

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