Better Models of Treatment

One thing that’s gotta give is the model of treatment for eating disorders. Eating disorders are a complex disease. From personal experience having recovered from an eating disorder, the treatment requires a team of professionals with experience in the treatment of eating disorders. The treatment needs to be very much a collaborative approach where the patient has a team of experts assisting them. My team was comprised of a medical doctor, counselor, nutritionist, personal trainer and my family supporters. Many of those battling an eating disorder may also be struggling with other addictions and so their team may require further experts. Eating disorders are complicated and they are as much about “food” as they are not about “food”. You cannot simply advise someone to “eat a sandwich” or stop eating so much, it does not work that way, it is so much deeper then that. There are often issues of self esteem, past abuse, physical complications, fear, isolation, depression, nutritional deficiencies, compulsive behaviors…the list goes on. If we can break the silence, increase funding for treatment and prevention, and work towards the recognition of the need for collaborative care then we can make gains in this worthy fight.

~ Angela Rinaldis, Project True

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