Treat the Person

I believe the most crucial aspect of getting to the other side of eating disorders is treating the person, not the disease. It’s so easy for doctors or health professionals to hand out a diagnosis. Most of the time these outcomes are dealt with little or no empathy. We need to focus on the person who is receiving the news and needing the treatment. Every one of us dealing with mental illness is suffering in a somewhat unique way and in order to specifically target the issue we need to see that person for who they are, rather than the disease that overcomes them. When someone suffering from a mental illness is guided through the treatment with understanding and compassion there is a much greater chance that person will find the path of treatment that is beneficial for them. Too many times a diagnosis leads to a label, then to the stigma surrounding it; this often has a negative drawback and some may not want to seek or receive the treatment they need because this label becomes them. Instead of only using the universal system to diagnosis and create similar perceptions of different people, we should create a system where each person dealing with issues are treated as people and not as a ubiquitous diagnosis.

See the person before seeing the disease.

~ Amanda Roberts

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